At Mediceh Exeer Darou, we believe that everyone deserves a healthier tomorrow, that’s why we believe at Mediceh Exeer Darou that every individual has the right to be provided with excellent and accessible healthcare. With the goal of enhancing holistic well-being in every stage of life, we are committed to apply cutting edge pharmaceutical research methods in our extensive portfolio of products.

Providing patients with the most effective medicines is the key to help them overcome diseases. Receiving the appropriate medical treatment is imperative, and in the case of serious pathologies, it is important that the patient believe s/he will overcome the disease.

Thus, having an overcoming spirit is essential to a team striving for excellence in the health sector. We work hard every day to offer the highest-quality products and services to our clients in both innovative and generic industries.

Through innovation and flexibility, we help our customers and partners become more competitive, launch Finished Dosage Forms and strengthen their market positioning.

We offer turnkey solutions for the entire value chain, from registration and quality assurance to batch release and supply.

Mediceh Exeer Darou as an international commercial pharmaceutical company, proudly introduces itself as one of the most reliable and active groups in marketing and supplying hygienic products, pharmaceuticals and prostheses from valid foreign companies and always concerning the effectiveness of high quality products for the consumers.

We support our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle and adapt to local market dynamics and regulations across Europe, America, and the Middle East.

We strongly believe that only the best is good enough for our clients and their patients. Believe in overcoming; Believe in life.

Mediceh Exeer Darou is also highly active in providing the necessary basis for promoting the health quality of people.

Core Values:

•  We act with integrity
  We deliver on commitment
•  We are customer oriented
•  We work with passion and strong team spirit
  We believe everything is possible



Our vision for Mediceh Exeer Darou is just beyond an image of the future that we seek to create. It is our framework, inspiration, and our vision that drives us to go to work every day. Mediceh Exeer Darou is determined to improve health and well-being at every stage of life, through “providing safe, effective pharmaceutical products that are affordable and available for every patient”.


The race for quality has no finish line; there’s always a chance for improvement and there’s always room for growth, this is our mission here at Mediceh Exeer Darou. We bring to the world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, products that improve lives and deliver outstanding value to customers. Our main concern is to accomplish our vision and to reach out to patients locally and globally.

Ethics charter:

•  Respecting and caring about our customers and staff as they are the company’s assets.
  Trying to enhance the level of the staff’s knowledge and skills while working.
•  Enhancing the staff’s knowledge and skills while working.
•  Being present at the office on time and effectively.
Having administrative discipline and work ethics according to organizational laws and    regulations.
•  Being affable to the colleagues.
•  Being a student and learning continuously.